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I have a neue hobby.
I think I will take up Fotographie.
In fact, my 1-hour foto processing might be done.
I will be back, with some fotos...

((OOC: BTW, since I am more of an artist than an RP-er, I've decided that Von Kaiser has taken up photography, and will be illustrating the Exhibition fights and posting them as "photos"... I hope it makes sense. haaha.))
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Photos? Dude, I am ALL OVER THAT. You gotta go through my manager if you wanna do a shoot, though. And you'd better have my fee ready, it's steep.

I never thought that taking publicity fotos would require the actual fotographie artist to pay the subject? That's not right. Nicht.

It totally should be. It's like, if you take pictures of me then it's like I'm advertising you.


(Translator's Note: There is such thing as negative publicity, and you are it.

Fear not, Clockwork German. I shall not charge for being photographed. Capturing my visual essence on film shall be your "ticket to the big time". You may want to bring a fish-eye lens.)

Taking photos are so awesome~! Oh, I love taking photos of myself for my MyPlace page!! You should get one too, Kaisey, we can be friends on there! And I'll even put you on My Top 8 Friends!!

... tttchtch.
Only acht? Das ist traurig...
And I don't like ze "Social Netwerk" sites.
Too... in-depth.
I prefer to keep my life private.


Sorry I must go.

(Deleted comment)
See?! You've got the right idea, dude!

Don't you spread the greed now...

I'll just be sure to erase your likeness from any "shots" of you - and replace them with someone far more appealing.
But... then I'd have to replace your words too. heh heh heh...

Photo-shootin', eh? That there's a nice hobby, Kaiser. Real good way to keep memories intact. Maybe yer more artistic than I thought yeh were?

Sure is discouraging to see people tryin'a make money off of your own li'l hobby, though. But some people are just like that, I reckon...don't let 'em affect yeh, Kaiser.

I agree. I think it's rather admirable to take up a hobby like this! Especially taking photos of the fights...what a good way to keep records of our greatest, euh, triumphs depending on who you are.

*already planning a WVBA album*

Somehow - I saw you the type for scrapbooking.... ttctchh...

It--it is not scrapbooking, really, it's more like just...maintaining photo albums, that's all!

*scrapbooks constantly*

As long as there isn't any frilly-things or pastels - you will be alright... möglicherweise...

Danke. Glad to see those that see beyond being skeevy and downright arrogant.
I think it's our red mustaches...

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