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watching films
Forgive my extended absense.
Mein Mutti needed the roof re-shingled... :twitch: suddenly it's raining like frogs here in Berlin, and since SHE is bothered by the droplets of rain hitting her precious mandevilla :twitch: I've been recruited to doing the work instead of hiring someone better off to doing it. Ttctchh.

I've watched a film the other night... "Der Wrestler"...
Err... It might just be called "The Wrestler" for those in the states. It was very good, gave me lots to think about... I believe I shed a tear or ten.
It was about wrestling, but our sports are similar and true.
I reccomend it. Highly. Ja.

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Wrestling? Hmm, I never thought about that, but now that I think about it, that's quite true. I should rent it sometime! I don't remember the last time I relaxed and just spent an evening watching movies, and with weather like this it's begging for it.

Wrestlin', eh? Mebbe yer right, mebbe wrestlin' and boxin' do share some simmer-larrities. I wonder if I'd make a good wrestler, sometimes. I'm sure my bulk would be useful in a sport like'at! Or maybe I could get into that sumo stuff, huhah! Maybe I oughta talk at Honder or Hai-kee! See what they think of it!

You know, that reminds me, our own Sodie-Pop looks like he'd fit right inteh a wrestlin' ring, don't he? And heck, Macho might seem natural in a place like'at, too! A real showy spectacle of a sport, wrestlin' is. Seems right up his alley. But I bet boxin's their true passion, and I'll be honest, I'd hate teh see both'a them leave us. It just wouldn't be the same, eh.

Ooh, my roof needs re-shingling too! How fast can you come to Brooklyn? ;D

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